Getting Ready for Kids Summer Gymnastics Camps - Leotards Stock Up

Summer is just around the corner and it might bring a brief farewell to the gymnastics studio for your gymnasts, however this provides the perfect opportunity to get started on organizing their kit for summer camp!
For a young gymnast, the most important part of summer, is finding the right camp for them, with exciting challenges. Whether your gymnast is attending a recreational summer camp for the first time or doing gymnastics on campus, they need the perfect leotards!
JOYSTREAM is a company that designs perfect fit leotards for girls, here you can choose what you want. We want to help you and your kids enjoy this year's camp with confidence and joy!
Things we should pay attention to in preparation for camp:
1. The quantity of leotards required during summer camp.
2. Choosing the right leotards for summer camp.
3. Maximizing the benefits of our shopping experience.
JOYSTREAM can provide some answers:

1. The quantity of leotards required.

Summer camp is where your young gymnast begins to build a passion for the sport. Whether they’re a beginner interested in gymnastics but hasn't tried it, or an experienced athlete who's already started practicing, summer camp will give your child a fun summer. There are day-camps and summer camps that lasts for several weeks. If it is a few days, generally 3-4 pieces are enough, and if it is a longer period, you’d need around 7-10 leotards.

In addition, long training sessions mean sweating and exhaustion, so they need clean and comfortable leos.

2. Choosing the right leotards for summer camp.

Material-wise, you should buy tights that are lightweight, quick-drying, durable, and comfortable. This way, gymnasts can feel the cool breeze, even in the unbearable summer heat. Bright colors, such as rainbow colors, should be selected in terms of color, this not only makes the appearance look cool, but also effectively resists ultraviolet rays. JOYSTREAM's collection of tie-dye leotards does exactly that, allowing your kids to stand out from the crowd while having a cool fun filled summer camp experience.


3. Maximizing shopping benefits.

First of all, JOYSTREAM's super discounts and considerable prices will definitely make your eyes shine! Affordable quality has always been a major feature of our products, you can buy with confidence. Plus, pair it with shorts and leggings to make your gymnasts look more confident and decent. For your gymnast summer camp, while a sign of fun, is also largely about meeting new friends. JOYSTREAM offers beautiful hair ties for them or to share with their new friends. Trust us they will love it! 


May you have a happy summer!

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  • Ann

    Do you have the 4th of july pattern leotards?

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