JOYSTREAM Trend Setting and Funky Pattern Leotards

Here's the leotards & unitards you're looking for! Whether it is a magical and dreamy galaxy, beautiful and lovely animals, or a colorful rainbow, there are many varieties, to choose from. We believe you can definitely find whatever suits your style!

JOYSTREAM Trend Setting and Funky Pattern Leotards

There's nothing better than chasing your dreams! JOYSTREAM's range of leotards & unitards have with patterns that could inspire dreams. These leotards & unitards provide a comfortable, seamless fit, and with just the right amount of confidence, you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way!
Incorporating Unique Tie-Dye Technology

In addition to pursuing the comfortable fitting leotards & unitards, we also incorporate a unique tie-dye technology. This not only enriches the color of the product itself, but also has a hazy beauty, by combining the colored clouds in the sky with tights.

Tie-Dye Leotards

Galaxy Series

The perfect combination of galaxy elements and tights makes the product full of layers and gives our products a three-dimensional sense. The colors are mainly dark colors, and the embellishment of stars make people feel like they are in the starry sky. This design perfectly displays the mystery and confidence of gymnasts.

Galaxy Leotards | JOYSTREAM
Rich Animal Print Patterns

The combinations of mermaids , cats , unicorns and other patterns reflects children's desire perusing their dreams as well as exudes innocence and cuteness. This helps children realize that gymnastics is not a boring exercise, on the contrary it is fun and enjoyable. Let your kids express themselves confidently and happily!

Combination of 4th of July Elements

The cultivation of patriotic feelings is very important and assists in establishing the concept of patriotism in children from early childhood. Combining 4th of July and gymnastics, these leotards & unitards are perfect for your needs. JOYSTREAM patriotic elements of leotards & unitards reflect through the combination of national flags, stars and white, blue & red colors perfectly integrate this concept.

4th of July Pattern Leotards
Rainbow and Leopard Pattern

The rainbow is a symbol of hope! Gymnastics is a sport that requires not only skills but strong willed, determination  and perseverance. The heart of a child should always be filled with hope and belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds, hardwork and efforts to. Children will get a lot of spiritual encouragement with such leotards & unitards.

Rainbow Pattern Leotards
JOYSTREAM aims to provide children with not only comfortable and healthy leotards & unitards, but also to convey spirit and confidence as vitality and fun are seen as the symbols of children. Accompanying them in the process of growing up is important for building self-confidence while gaining the joys of success!

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