How Do You Determine the Correct Gymnastics Leotard Sizing

Determining the correct gymnastics leotard sizing is crucial for comfort, performance, and safety. Here are steps and tips to help you find the right fit.

1. Measure the Gymnast

You’ll need to take several key measurements using a soft measuring tape. Ensure the gymnast is wearing minimal clothing for accurate measurements. The essential measurements are:

Chest: Measure under the arms and around the fullest part of the chest.

Waist: Measure around the natural waistline, which is the narrowest part of the waist.

Hips: Measure around the widest part of the hips.

Torso: This is the most critical measurement for a leotard. Measure from the shoulder, down the front, through the legs, and back up to the same shoulder. This gives you the full torso length.

2. Consult the Brand’s Size Chart

When determining the correct leotard size for a child in gymnastics classes, it is generally best to refer to the specific size chart provided by the manufacturer of the leotard. This is because different brands may have slightly different sizing standards and measurements, and using the wrong size chart could result in a poorly fitting leotard.

In general, the sizing for leotards is similar to that of swimsuits or dancewear. However, it is important to keep in mind that leotards are designed to fit more snugly than regular clothing, so the kid leotards for gymnastics is often recommended to choose a size that is slightly smaller than the child's regular clothing size.

3. Torso Comes First and Size Up

Kids' gymnastics suit is recommended to follow the size chart provided by the leotard manufacturer and take into account the specific style and cut of the leotard when determining the correct size for your child.

Because bodies come in different shapes as well as sizes it’s obviously common that different body measurements line up with different leotard sized. The most important measurement is the torso measurement taken around the body, over the shoulder and through the crotch, passing over the bust.

4. Consider Growth and Preference

For Growing Gymnasts: You might want to size up to allow room for growth, especially if the gymnast is close to the next size.

Fit Preference: Some gymnasts prefer a tighter fit, while others may want a bit more room. Consider the athlete’s comfort and preference.

5. Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

Reviews: Customer reviews can provide insights into how true to size a leotard is and whether the rhythmic leotards tends to run small or large.

Ask Around: Gymnastics coaches, other gymnasts, or parents with experience can offer valuable advice on sizing for specific brands or styles.

6. Understand the Material

The fabric of the leotard can affect the fit. Materials with more stretch (like those with a higher percentage of spandex) may offer a more forgiving fit, while less stretchy materials might require a more precise fit.

7. Check Return Policies and Order Multiple Sizes (If Possible)

If you’re unsure and it’s feasible, order the leotard in two sizes to try on. Same like going to a store and you try on pants and shirts in a dressing room. Then do the same with leotards. Many online retailers have return policies that allow you to return the one that doesn’t fit. Just make sure to check the return policy before purchasing. Before making a purchase, especially if you’re unsure about the size, check the return and exchange policy. This ensures that if the leotard doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for a better size.

By following the steps and rules above, you can more confidently select the correct size gymnastics leotard, ensuring the gymnast’s comfort and performance are not hindered by an ill-fitting garment. But it's not a guarantee you'll 100% get a perfect-fitting leotards from anywhere. You have to find the reliable brand which has perfect-cutting as well. We just list a few gymnastics leotards brand that offer well-fit leotards and return & exchange policies: GK Elite, Destira, JOYSTREAM, Dancewear Solutions, etc.

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