JOYSTREAM Strives for the Better

Going all the way back, JOYSTREAM has been always putting the needs of customers first, constantly improving the services and perfecting our leos. Let's take a look at what's behind.

Taking full account of fashion trends and of course the functionality, our designers present excellent proposals about our adorable leos. Next, the design drafts will be sent to our factory, where we have machines to print patterns, laser cut accessories which will be sewn to the leos.

Not only those, fabric inspection, cutting, printing, sewing, top stitching, pressing...all the process just to make a piece of leotard!

And yet the team pays high attention to details throughout the making process. From the selection of fabrics to the final packaging, we prepare comprehensive quality control method to ensure what you purchase are the RIGHT choices.

Be sure to know that JOYSTREAM values our relationship seriously.
Now check the new spring collection 2023 we prepared for you, which will make you stand out this spring! The trendy patterns that you love, with fresh spring colors setting off your body. These leos are stylish and lovely.

Blue Rhinestones Gymnastics Leotards



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