Why do gymnasts wear leotards

We know that gymnastics is very particular about beauty and coordination. But when we watch gymnasts perform, we often overlook a problem. Gymnasts' clothing are also very important to performance. The shape or tightness of a gym suit can make or break an athlete's competition. Sometimes we think, in order to protect the privacy of athletes and reduce the exposed parts, choosing leotards for better concealment makes more sense.

Better Concealment


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Boxer pants are better at covering, however they ignore the problem of sweating and movement restriction. Athletes sweat easily when doing sports, therefor if the sweat sticks to the clothes, it will be very uncomfortable, causing unnecessary foreign-body sensations to the athletes, thus affecting the athletes' performance. For athletes, the smaller the area of ​​clothing attached to the body, the better. The larger the area, the greater the friction between the clothes and the skin, giving the athletes a strange or even painful sensation.
Leotards reduce the excess fabric, therefor is closer to the skin, lighter and more relaxed. This is also the reason why many people like to wear leotards. When wearing leotards, the movements are more stretched, because the short unitards conform to the human body structure.


Short Unitards

Leotards can better ventilate and dissipate heat. The stretchable, breathable material and shape allow the heat to dissipate faster. Gymnastics is extremely centered around balance and coordination, the performance may be affected due to a little extra weight somewhere in the pants as well as the restriction around the athlete’s legs, so people prefer leotards that are close to the skin, so that they can maintain their stable performance.


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Leotards give a stable aesthetic, while leotards give a baggy feel. If gymnasts wear short unitards, it may affect the judges' score, because in the eyes of the judges, briefs represent beauty and conform to the aesthetics of the human body. They can perfectly show all parts of the body and highlight the athlete’s athleticism, through coordinated development of movement and body.


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Most athletes wear leotards, thus gradually creating a trend and conformity amongst most athletes. If you don't wear them, you will be treated as an outlier, therefor wearing briefs has become a convention that gymnastics must wear leotards. Now not only gymnasts are inclined to leotards, but also other athletes such as divers, track and field athletes and dancers.

However, each athlet know their own body and what they are comfortable wearing, may it be leotards or short unitards.

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